Build Koyo Stories.
Attract Top Talent.

You want co-workers who are competent, fun and mission-driven. But have you positioned yourself well to attract them? If not, don’t worry. Build stories with Koyo and create an impression that lasts.

There’s a secret they don’t want you to know...
That attracting talent is a game. An unfair one, with odds stacked AGAINST you.
Why? Because large organizations invest massively to attract talent : Career fairs, buddy programs, social media ads and campaigns.
They can afford it. Hence, they win.
The question is... How do you compete?
Don’t worry! We have a solution for you

Stunning Templates

Choose from our catalogue of exquisite templates which help you project your authentic vibes! Go on, try it!

Mobile Friendly

Easily Shareable

Create stories fast and easy, using AI and no-code

It couldn’t get any easier

Step 1
Choose a template

Select from a roster of templates and customize as per your preference

Step 2
Fill it with ease

Enter prompts and receive AI-generated descriptions as output

Step 3
Integrate and share

Integrate easily to your company website and get shareable links

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With our no-code tool, you can create a wide range of hiring pages, by selecting from many options available. You can customize the look and feel of your pages to match your brand, and add any information or content that you need to make your pages effective.

  • No, you do not need any coding knowledge to use our no-code tool for hiring pages. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so that anyone can create effective and attractive hiring pages, regardless of their technical background.

  • Yes, you can customize your hiring pages to match your brand. Our tool provides a range of customization options, including the ability to add your own images and logos, choose from a variety of color schemes, and select from a range of font styles.

  • Yes, you can add your own content to your hiring pages, including job descriptions, company information, and any other relevant information. Our tool provides a range of content creation and editing tools to help you create effective and compelling hiring pages.

  • With our no-code tool, you can create a professional-looking hiring page in a matter of minutes. The platform is designed to be fast and efficient, so that users can get their pages up and running as quickly as possible.

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