What’s Koyo’s North Star?

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By Kiran Jain · Jan 17, 2023

We at Koyo are firm believers in the power of the stories in changing the world. Without words, we would have been a bunch of primates hitting sticks with stones.

The power of telling the right stories has only increased in this day and age.

Authentic story-telling is about expressing, not about impressing. It’s supposed to make the audience root for you.

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Role of narratives in my life

My first tryst with writing stories happened when I was 10 and participated in a story-writing competition and won it. I never really thought that creativity was my thing. Post that, I’ve been writing actively and even interned at a top news outlet.

Story-telling eventually helped 2 co-founders of Koyo (me and Kaustubh) at our stints at Bain and BCG. We now wish to elevate the overall systemic state of articulation and communication up a notch now.

Koyo's Purpose

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Koyo’s purpose is to help you express your company a way it couldn’t before. We want to help you express your true self, so that your hiring process turns into a high signal, low noise process.

A good story is well-written and engaging, and a great story is exceptional and leaves a lasting impression. At Koyo, we aim for greatness.

So my question to you is -
Are you (or your organization, if you’re running one) satisfied with the way you’re communicating yourself out there? If not, let’s talk.